Ep64: How Mallory + Laura grew their businesses with online courses in 2020

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Online course businesses are pandemic-proof.

That is one of those lessons that I never thought I would have to learn, but this year I did.

Thankfully, in 2020 I have seen so many online course creators thrive. This isn’t just in my business which has grown like crazy, but also my clients, students and friends have all been seeing success, too.

There has never been a better time to launch a course. Even if you think the market is saturated – it’s not.

Today on the podcast I have two of my business friends – Mallory Rowan and Laura Kelly – telling us why they decided 2020 was the year to finally launch their first online courses. 

We get into why they chose the course route, the obstacles that they got stuck on, and ultimately what it has done for their businesses. 

Time to pull back the curtain and dive into these case studies!

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