Ep63: How I grew my email list to over 15,000 subscribers

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Have you been hearing everyone talk about how the “money is in the list” but you’re stuck on how to actually grow your email list? 

If you are stuck on knowing how to grow your email list so you can sell your online course and digital offers, then this is the episode for you.

My own email list is my most precious asset as a course creator. If you have an engaged email list, you will always have the ability to make offers and revenue in your business. There is no algorithm to contend with – you own your list.

It’s honestly one of the things that gives me the most peace of mind and security as an online entrepreneur.

In this episode I’m taking you through the exact 5 steps you can use to grow your list – whether you are a brand new course creator or have been in business for a while. These are the same steps I have used to grow my own list to over 15,000 engaged subscribers.

Let’s dive in!

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