Ep8: How to Create Killer Copy with Marisa Corcoran

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Ever wonder what the heck to write in your emails? On your sales page? Or on your website?

Want to sound more like YOU, and less like a boring robot?

In Episode 8 of The Passive Project Podcast, we are sitting down with Marisa Corcoran, Copywriter and Copy Coach. 

Marisa works with creative online business owners on unleashing their voice and taking those words out of their head and onto the page so that they can sell more.

In this episode, Marisa is answering:

  • Why we need to pay attention to the copy in our business 
  • How to craft a great homepage
  • What selling through story really means
  • The big mistakes people make in their sales emails
  • And what you need to do FIRST when it comes to improving your copywriting

Let’s use your messaging and your copy to get more customers. Tune into today’s episode!

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Show Notes:

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