Episode 178 | [WORKSHOP REPLAY] 2024 Industry Trends to Take Your Course Business to $100k and Beyond

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It was so good that we knew we needed to bring it to the podcast.

Tune in to this workshop replay to learn:

  • My Triple-Threat Method, which is what helped me hit 7-figs in 2023 even when I took over 10 weeks off and moved to France
  • The million-dollar backbone strategy of my business that’s creating sales for me 24/7/365 regardless of launch fluctuations or algorithm changes.
  • How funnels are changing in 2024 and what you need to do about it
  • The one strategy that no other course coach is talking about and how it creates sales on autopilot …outside of your traditional evergreen funnel
  • Underestimated strategies to stay ahead of your competition and get more traffic, leads, and sales by leveraging what’s working in 2024

Alright, hit play on the episode and let’s go!

If you want to watch this replay (so you see the whole slide deck that goes along with the audio), click here.

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Click ‘play’ to listen:

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