Ep13: How To Use Content Batching So You Can Become A Chillpreneur With Melanie Knights

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Tell me if you can relate to this feeling…

You’re sitting with your phone in hand, knowing you have to post something on instagram or in your Facebook group and you have NO IDEA what to post.

Your brain is blank.

Or you want to send out an email to your newsletter list and are letting the cursor blink at you, with no words coming to mind.

Or you are so run off your feet and feeling that entrepreneur overwhelm, that you wonder if this whole online business thing is really for you

Well, if you have ever felt any of that, then I want you to listen up to today’s episode of The Passive Project Podcast.

We are welcoming Melanie Knights on the show today. Melanie is a content batching and productivity guru, who is explaining her 4-phase business batching blueprint today on the show.

We are diving deep into systems today. If you want to feel more in control of your business and reduce that overwhelm, this is the episode for you.

Tune in for:

  • How to can find more time in your day
  • What “content batching” really means and how you can use this method, even if you’re failed at it before
  • The system to getting a month (or more!) of content produced ahead of time
  • How to set your business up so you can take days, weeks, or months off (without freaking out)

Click ‘play’ to listen:

Show Notes:


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