Ep14: Online Courses vs. Membership Sites: Which One Should You Launch?

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Have you noticed that memberships are getting insanely popular?

Are you wondering whether you should be launching an online course or a membership?

Not entirely sure what the differences are, and which option would be best suited to your business and niche?

That is what this episode of The Passive Project Podcast is all about. 

We are diving into both options and looking at exactly what the advantages and disadvantages are to both courses and memberships.

Tune in so you can learn:

  • How to design a membership that doesn’t require you 24/7
  • The biggest benefit of choosing a membership over a course
  • Why courses are still incredibly popular
  • And how you can actually implement both options in your business and what that might look like

If you are ready to add passive income to your business with a digital product, this is a MUST-LISTEN episode!

Click ‘play’ to listen:

Show Notes:


  • Send me a DM on instagram if you’re thinking of launching a membership or online course! I’d love to hear from you.
  • Looking for a course or membership platform? We personally use and love Teachery* (that’s my affiliate link)! Great customer service, no hidden fees, and a beautiful user-friendly platform.  We have been using Teachery for years and are obsessed with it!
  • Don’t forget to leave us a review on iTunes. It makes us SO happy, plus helps us get the word out about the podcast (so we can continue making this great free content for you!).

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