Ep16: Masterminds: Are You Ready For One?

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I’m sure you have heard other online entrepreneurs talking about masterminds.

And maybe you’re like… umm, what? Is this some secret club I’m not a part of? 

It can be confusing to understand what a mastermind really is, where to find one, and what’s actually involved. 

Maybe you’re thinking you should create a peer-to-peer mastermind. Or find a paid one. 

But what’s the difference? And are they really worth it?

I am tackling all of those questions, and more, in today’s episode of The Passive Project Podcast.

Tune in to find out:

  • What a mastermind actually is
  • The 7 reasons why you might want to join one
  • Key differences between peer-to-peer and paid masterminds
  • What questions you need to ask before signing up for a mastermind

We are also really excited to announce that we are officially opening up applications for our Elevate 2020 Mastermind! This mastermind has been designed for digital product creators and will be a transformation 12-month experience. Click here to learn more and apply!

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Show Notes:


Elevate 2020!

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