Ep25: Facebook Ad Secrets (Revealed!), with Beth Anne from Brilliant Business Moms

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Wondering how to get started with ads in a way that doesn’t feel intimidating?

Want to know a secretly used ads strategy that basically lets you build your list for FREE (and fast)?

Interested to hear what DOESN’T work when it comes to paid ads?

We are covering all of that – and more – on today’s episode of The Passive Project Podcast.

Beth Anne from Brilliant Business Moms joining us on the show! After starting her first business as an Etsy shop owner, she became a Podcast Host and then eventually starting teaching other mom entrepreneurs business strategy. 

She is now a bonafide FB ads and launching expert and helps her students grow and scale their sales using ads (all during the naptime hustle!). 

Tune in to today’s show where we talk about Beth Anne’s own business story, how she got started with ads, her favorite trick for using ads as a FREE list-builder, and the ad strategies that completely flopped for her.

Hands down, one of my fave interviews we’ve done on the show before. Don’t miss it!

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Show Notes:

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