Ep58: How to price your online course

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One of the questions I get asked all the time is “Gemma, what can I charge for my course?”. 

Pricing is one of the trickiest things because it’s so different with digital products. This isn’t a physical product with clear cut costs, shipping charges, and margins. This isn’t a service-based business where you can estimate your hours for carrying out a task. This is a digital offer that you create once and sell again and again.

And that can mean that people waaaay underprice for their program. The amount I charged for my first course was laughable. 

Or I see the other end of the spectrum, where people see other programs on the marketplace that are highly priced and price their own offer similarly. The danger here is that if you are newer in your space and don’t have the reputation and serious social proof that your program works, the over-inflated price tag will make it hard to sell. Like an over-priced house on Million Dollar Listing LA that goes stale. 

You want to end up in the sweet spot. A price that is going to be profitable and worth it for you, demonstrate what you’re teaching is seriously valuable, but also be fair for your customers.

And that’s what we’re diving into in today’s episode. I’m going to tackle the 6 things you need to consider when you price any of your digital offers. 

That’s all coming up – so stay tuned!

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