Ep60: How I got 40 students into a course I hadn’t created yet

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It’s really easy to see where people are at today with their businesses, and frankly feel kinda intimidated by it, but not truly understand what came before. The pivots. The decisions. The strategies. 

I’m going to rewind the clock in this episode back to early 2019 when I was ready to shift gears in my business. I had been a course creator for 2 years by this point, but knew that it was time to expand and teach about something new. 

Although I’ve taken a lot of missteps in my business and often taken the long road in figuring things out, this one decision I made in early 2019 was a really good one.

It allowed me to pivot, get 40 students into a brand new program I hadn’t even created it, and ultimately set me up to follow the path I’m now on today. 

If you are thinking of launching an online course, a membership, or any kind of digital program, you’ll want to hear this one. 

I’m sharing all of it in today’s episode, so stay tuned.

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