WebinarJam VS Zoom: Best Webinar Software?

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Webinarjam vs Zoom? Which software should you use for your webinar?

It’s no secret that webinars are my favourite way of selling online courses and memberships. They are the best way to combine value, teaching, and pitching all into one 60-minute presentation!

They allow you to build email lists, which help to build connection, trust and build your audience. Webinars also set the platform for you to become the subject matter expert in your field delivering high value webinars!

But which software program should you use?

My top 2 software choices are Zoom and WebinarJam. Let’s break down the advantages and disadvantages of each below in a “webinarjam vs zoom” battle of the webinar software programs!


WebinarJam vs Zoom:

Option 1: Webinar Jam

WebinarJam is a very well known webinar platform.

It let’s you design a fully customizable live webinar from a simple and easy set-up.

Features include:

  • Chat area
  • Waiting Room for participants before the live webinar starts
  • Fully customized registration page
  • Analytics – You get access to so much data so you can see what worked and what didn’t, to improve for next time
  • Have up to 6 co-presenters
  • Integrates well with any email platform
  • Automatically records your webinar so you can use the recording for a replay or evergreen webinar
  • Automated emails sent out to all registrants so you can remind participants to join the webinar
  • Options for presenting – face to camera, slides + face, just slides

Ok, so the big question, what will it cost you?

The base plan will run you $479/year, and includes 500 people watching with 24/7 access support. That works out to around $40/month.

Plans go up from there, if you require additional attendees or more specific features.

Want to give it a go, and see if it’s a good fit?

Get an extended FREE trial of WebinarJam through my affiliate link here.

Option 2: Zoom

Ok, so what about Zoom then?

Features of Zoom Webinars include:

  • Really easy to use, slick and attractive (I would say it’s “prettier” than Webinarjam)
  • Simple and user friendly set-up
  • Option for multiple presenters
  • Chat
  • White board
  • No delay

The cons?

The price, $59/month for up to 100 attendees, is on the expensive side when considering the features you get.

Zoom has different platforms and options that you can buy in to. A basic account with Zoom is free but it just comes with meeting capabilities.

To do a webinar on Zoom, you have to pay that $59/month.

I personally use and love Zoom for video-based meetings. If you have to meet with colleagues or do coaching calls or any kind of video chat, Zoom is by FAR the best platform for that.

However, for webinars, it starts to get expensive (especially as you get more participants).

The winner for best price AND features: WebinarJam

So, which is the winner of our webinarjam vs zoom comparison?

Software of choice for webinars: WebinarJam

You can’t beat the price of WebinarJam for the features and number of attendees. Plus, when you’re ready to start offering “on-demand” webinars that are pre-recorded, WebinarJam has a ‘sister’ software called EverWebinar that makes this incredible easy.

Zoom is my software of choice for video meetings, though. You can’t beat it for video chat!

I would love for you to test it out before you buy into the software. WebinarJam has lots of info and support, plus some free “how-to” classes when you sign up for the free trial.

FREE 14-Day WebinarJam Trial: Click here

This is an affiliate link which is a win-win for us both (I get some compensation if you end up liking and joining WebinarJam and you get an extended free trial!)

Watch the Review Video:

Check out the video for more on the side-by-side comparison of these two webinar platforms, and check out the rest of my helpful how-to videos on YouTube!

Watch here:

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